AKKO Ranked #1 Phone Insurance by GadgetReview.com

Better than AppleCare.

Better than the Geek Squad.

Better than SquareTrade. 

We’re proud to announce that we beat out the competition to be named Gadget Review’s #1 Smartphone Insurance option

How did AKKO outdo these giants of the industry to be named the best phone insurance plan? Well, let’s see what the experts had to say about how we stack up vs. the competition.

“AKKO, while a new entrance into the smartphone insurance space, is perhaps the most simple and comprehensive.”

“You get a TON more coverage. An AKKO Plan protects not just your iPhone or Android phone, but also your other electronics like laptop, camera gear, headphones and so much more at no extra cost.”

“The $100 deductible ($50 for students) ... is significantly cheaper than the deductibles other plans charge for a theft claim.”

Want to learn more? Check out our comparison of phone insurance plans or Frequently Asked Questions – or just click the button below to sign up now!


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Accidental Damage & Theft Protection
$ 15
  • Phone Protection plus way more!
  • Protect 25 items
  • $29 - $99 Deductibles for any claim
  • $2,000 limit per claim*
  • Unlimited claims

About AKKO:

It’s Coverage, Simplified.  AKKO provides a protection plan to simplify covering all the items you use most and care about. From all your electronics including your phone and laptop, to photography and music equipment, bikes, skateboards, sports gear, clothes, shoes, and more!

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Use Discount Code: NOFEE at Checkout for FREE Activation!

Use Discount Code: NOFEE at Checkout
for FREE Activation!

To sign-up for Student Plans, you can be any type of student, from middle school to high school, including incoming college student, current college student, or recent graduate. Students at any 2yr, 4yr, or graduate school are all eligible as well. Any age.

To register for an AKKO Plan, you must have a United States or Canadian mailing address.