What’s the process for filing a claim with an AKKO Plan and how long does it take?

The amount of time resolving your claim will vary based on what type of claim you’re making and what types of items were affected. (For example, an incident of theft from a break-in will take longer than solving your reimbursement for a cracked phone screen.)

After filing your claim, you’ll typically have it reviewed within 1-3 business days and be instructed to obtain a quote for repairs from a nearby repair shop that can help with your affected items. For Apple devices, you’ll typically be referred to your closest Apple Store or to their mail-in repair services. For non-Apple devices, or if you live too far from an Apple Store, you’ll be directed to visit a closer reputable repair facility. Many claims are handled through UBreakIFix, a large national franchise dealing with Apple, Samsung, Google, other Android devices, as well as computers and gaming equipment.

Once an estimate is received, the staff handling your claim would then approve a cash payout to you for the cost of the repairs or to purchase a replacement item if the damage is too extensive.

After you receive the email confirming the cost of your repairs/replacement are approved, you can simply pay for the repairs right away on a credit or debit card and then await your check in the mail from the insurance company reimbursing you.

If your items are too extensively damaged (or were stolen) and you require a replacement device or item, the insurance company finds the replacement value of the item by looking at the cost of refurbished items of the same make/model/year.

For example, if your iPhone X was stolen or completely destroyed, the insurance company would find the value of a refurbished iPhone X and your payout would be the cost of the replacement, plus sales tax if applicable, then subtracting your plan’s deductible ($100 for Adults, $50 for Students).

The insurance company will not base the value of your item off of what used iPhone X phones are being sold for by random individuals on eBay or Craigslist. You also will not receive a payout based on the value you initially paid for the phone when it was new.

The same process applies to claims for other electronics and personal items on your plan which are eligible for coverage.


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AKKO Adult Plan

Accidental Damage & Theft Protection
$ 15
  • Add (1) phone + 25 items*
  • $100 Deductibles for any claim
  • $2,000 limit per claim*
    Upgradeable to $10,000
  • Unlimited claims
  • Apple Store repairs covered*
  • "A" Rated Coverage by Allmerica Insurance

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Backed by "A" Rated Insurer - Allmerica Insurance

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Use Discount Code: NOFEE at Checkout
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To sign-up for the Student Plan, you can be any type of student, from middle school to high school, including incoming college student, current college student, or recent graduate. Students at any 2yr, 4yr, or graduate school are all eligible as well. Any age.

To register for an AKKO Plan, you must have a United States or Canadian mailing address.