What is the Coverage Limit on an AKKO Plan?

The AKKO Base Plans ($15/month for adults, $10 for students) includes $2,000 of coverage PER INCIDENT**. There are no annual coverage limits or a limit on the number of claims you may file.

**$2,000 of coverage PER INCIDENT means that if next week on Monday your phone is stolen, up to the replacement value of your phone is covered as long as that amount is less than $2,000.

If at another point in the same year you drop your laptop and the screen is smashed, up to the repair or replacement value cost of the laptop is covered as well as long as it’s less than $2,000.

But, there is not an annual limit of $2,000 which would be exhausted in case replacing your phone cost $900 and replacing your laptop had cost $1,500.

This demonstrates PER INCIDENT coverage and the per incident limit with an AKKO Plan is $2,000. There is not an annual limit.

HOWEVER, if during a single incident someone steals your entire backpack, filled with your phone, and laptop, up to $2,000 total is covered to replace those items and any other contents of your backpack, plus the backpack itself. So if the combined replacement cost was above $2,000 for all these items, you would only have coverage up to $2,000.

Higher PER INCIDENT coverage limits are available! 

Once you’re registered, you can upgrade your coverage to a PER INCIDENT coverage limit as high as $10,000! But for a more common $3,000 – $5,000 PER INCIDENT coverage limit upgrade, it’s only a couple more dollars per month :)

The $2,000 of PER INCIDENT coverage is more than enough for the majority of users based on our studies and the claims rates of currently covered users nationwide. But for those with more expensive items like a high-end laptop, or specialty gear like photography or music/audio equipment, the option to upgrade your limit is easily available. Simply contact us via the “billing” section of your account and we can upgrade your coverage limit.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions!

Other Limitations:
1. Coverage for jewelry, watches, rings, and other items consisting of gold, silver, or platinum or furs is limited $1,000.00 for any one Loss.

2. Coverage for bicycles is limited to $1,000.00.

3. Property in a personally owned automobile is covered, provided that the vehicle was locked and windows are fully closed at the time of theft and there was visible evidence of forced entry into the vehicle.

We re-state all this information under this separate Frequently Asked Question because sometimes users don’t click through all questions/answers and we want to make sure all prospective customers are fully informed :)

NOTE: All plans are per individual and will only cover items that the named individual on the policy owns. This means that if you file a claim, you must have proof of ownership of an item with your name on it (a purchase receipt, billing statement, etc.) 


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AKKO Adult Plan

Accidental Damage & Theft Protection
$ 15
  • Add (1) phone + 25 items*
  • $100 Deductibles for any claim
  • $2,000 limit per claim*
    Upgradeable to $10,000
  • Unlimited claims
  • Apple Store repairs covered*
  • "A" Rated Coverage by Allmerica Insurance

Get Your 1st Month for $1:

Backed by "A" Rated Insurer - Allmerica Insurance

Choose Plan:

Use Discount Code: NOFEE at Checkout for FREE Activation!

Use Discount Code: NOFEE at Checkout
for FREE Activation!

To sign-up for the Student Plan, you can be any type of student, from middle school to high school, including incoming college student, current college student, or recent graduate. Students at any 2yr, 4yr, or graduate school are all eligible as well. Any age.

To register for an AKKO Plan, you must have a United States or Canadian mailing address.