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Check out how an AKKO Plan compares to your standard phone insurance and device protection plans from other companies.

Standard Device Protection Plans

(AppleCare, Cell Phone Insurance, Geek Squad, Squaretrade)

Are you looking to save money on your phone insurance? Or maybe you don’t have any phone insurance because you know it’s too expensive.

Well, whereas the standard protection plans and phone insurance plans available today only ever cover the ONE device you bought the plan for, an AKKO Plan covers nearly ALL items you want to add to your account and still only costs $15 per month! Whether you want to add electronic devices (phones, laptops, tablets, headphones, smartwatches) or items like your cameras, guitar, sunglasses, or surfboards, you can protect them all at no extra cost with AKKO!

Just see our comparison below between an AKKO Plan and other protection plans and phone insurance, the winner is an easy pick…

Protection Plans:

AKKO Plan:

Protection Plans

AppleCare, Cell Phone Insurance,
Geek Squad, Squaretrade


Any 25 items protected

Cost =

$12 - 18

per month, per device



Includes ALL your stuff*

# of Devices Covered =


for the device you bought it for


Deductibles =

$100 - $400


Damage or Theft

Accidental Damage




Limit =

Replacement Cost

of your device


Per Incident

Claims Allowed =

1 - 2

or limited by cost of device


No Rate Increases

So, are you looking for the best Phone Insurance you can buy? There’s only one clear choice when it comes to the best value for protection.

You can plainly see from this comparison how the AKKO Plan stacks up against your run-of-the-mill phone insurance and protection plan offerings from competitors like AppleCare, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Geek Squad, or Squaretrade.

Learn More in our Detailed Article “What’s the Best Phone insurance? – 2020 Comparison” as well.

Coverage Info and FAQs

Your AKKO Plan covers just about any of your everyday personal items. From electronics to sports gear, even appliances. Once registered, you can select Any 25 of your belongings to load into your AKKO account that are eligible for coverage. Plus, your items can be swapped out whenever you’d like.

Choose from:

Phones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, TV’s, desktop computers, monitors, and more

Photography/Video equipment:
Cameras, lenses, accessories, tripods, gimbals, all other gear

Audio/Music Gear:
Speakers, electronic music instruments, DJ equipment, headphones, musical instruments, and other gear/peripherals

Videogame consoles, controllers, peripherals, VR, and more

Personal Transportation items (non-motorized):
Bikes, scooters, skateboards, hoverboards, unicycles

Sports/Recreational Gear:
Skiis, snowboards, surfboards, golf clubs, tennis rackets, camping/climbing equipment, and other sports gear and accessories

Clothing & Accessories:
Clothes, jackets, shoes, sunglasses, watches, jewelry, and more

Blenders, coffee makers, microwaves, and other appliances, including the ones pre-furnished in dorms/apartments/homes you’re living/renting in

School Supplies:
Textbooks, backpack, calculators, other educational tools and items

NOTE: All plans are per individual and will only cover items that the named individual on the policy owns.  Plans cannot be shared with friends or family members. All plans may have up to (1) phone on them. To cover additional phones, purchase additional adult or student plans HERE.

  • Cracked Screens
  • Spills & Liquid Submersion
  • Accidental Damage (like drops)
  • Damage & Malfunctions from Accidental Damage/Drops
  • Theft & Vandalism
  • Theft of items from an unattended vehicle via forced entry (car break-ins)
  • Fire, Flood, & Natural Disasters
  • Power Surge by Lightning

The deductibles for phones is $29 – $99 per claim based on the phone’s model. $99 is also the max deductible even for Theft or total replacement claims! (more than half the price of other providers.) Click here to view the cost to protect your phone and the deductibles for repairs/replacements.

For our AKKO Plans all other items besides your phone are subject to a $99 deductible ($49 for students) for any incident of Accidental Damage or Theft.

This amount that is “deducted” from any reimbursement payout you receive exists so that individuals are still motivated to be careful with their stuff.

But with AKKO’s protection plans, we made sure to have the deductibles at least be set at easily affordable amounts rather than the $150 – $400 deductibles seen on many other protections plans for phones, laptops, and other electronics.

The AKKO Base Plans ($15/month for adults, $10 for students) includes $2,000 of reimbursement protection PER INCIDENT**. There are no annual reimbursement limits or a limit on the number of claims you may file.

**$2,000 PER INCIDENT means that if next week on Monday your phone is stolen, up to the replacement value of your phone is covered as long as that amount is less than $2,000.

If at another point in the same year you drop your laptop and the screen is smashed, up to the repair or replacement value cost of the laptop is covered as well as long as it’s less than $2,000.

But, there is not an annual limit of $2,000 which would be exhausted in case replacing your phone cost $900 and replacing your laptop had cost $1,500.

This demonstrates PER INCIDENT protection and the per incident reimbursement limit with an AKKO Plan is $2,000. There is not an annual reimbursement limit.

HOWEVER, if during a single incident someone steals your entire backpack, filled with your phone, and laptop, up to $2,000 total is covered to reimburse you for replacing those items and any other contents of your backpack, plus the backpack itself. So if the combined replacement cost was above $2,000 for all these items, you would only have coverage up to $2,000.

Higher PER INCIDENT coverage limits are available! 

Once you’re registered, you can upgrade your coverage to a PER INCIDENT reimbursement limit as high as $6,000. But for a more common $3,000 – $5,000 PER INCIDENT limit upgrade, it’s only a few more dollars per month 🙂

The $2,000 PER INCIDENT limit is more than enough for the majority of users based on our studies and the claims rates of current members nationwide. But for those with more expensive items like a high-end laptop, or specialty gear like photography or music/audio equipment, the option to upgrade your limit is easily available. Simply contact us via the “billing” section of your account and we can upgrade your coverage limit.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions!

Other Limitations:
1. Coverage for jewelry, watches, rings, and other items consisting of gold, silver, or platinum or furs is limited $1,000.00 for any one Loss.

2. Coverage for bicycles is limited to $1,000.00.

3. Property in a personally owned automobile is covered, provided that the vehicle was locked and windows are fully closed at the time of theft and there was visible evidence of forced entry into the vehicle.

We re-state all this information under this separate Frequently Asked Question because sometimes users don’t click through all questions/answers and we want to make sure all prospective customers are fully informed 🙂

NOTE: All plans are per individual and will only cover items that the individual owns. This means that if you file a claim, you must have proof of ownership of an item.

Automobile, motorcycle, boat (including kayaks, canoes, or other watercraft with hulls), motor, aircraft or aircraft parts or any type of motorized land or aquatic vehicle or other conveyances or their accessories (including car stereos, GPS navigation devices, keyless entry), money in currency or coin, evidences of debt, letters of credit, passport documents, notes, securities, transportation tickets or any other tickets, pharmaceuticals, prescription or over- the- counter, artwork, professional or amateur, antiques or collectables, animals, firearms or ammunition, salesman samples, contact lenses, keys, artificial teeth or limbs, or merchandise for sale, forms of identification, including student ID’s and driver’s licenses.

  1. Coverage for jewelry, watches, rings, and other items consisting of gold, silver, or platinum or furs is limited $1,000.00 for any one Loss.
  2. Coverage for bicycles is limited to $1,000.00.
  3. Property in a personally owned automobile is covered, provided that the vehicle was locked and windows are fully closed at the time of theft and there was visible evidence of forced entry into the vehicle.
  4. Surfboards are protected for theft and damage due to mishandling on airlines, accidental damage from non-airline transportation or use/handling not included.

If you were to “Lose” one of your belongings, you would need to evaluate the situation to determine if it fell under being theft, or what’s called “mysterious disappearance” (aka, you simply misplaced your belonging and have no idea where it went).

Use tools like Find My iPhone/Android to try and recover your phone, or similar services to track down a laptop/tablet. Take screenshots or record evidence of your attempts to recover your phone to provide the most complete set of evidence you can with your claims.

The coverage you get with an AKKO Plan will cover theft, but will not cover “mysterious disappearance.”

Read more about what to do if your items are stolen.

All plans are per individual and will only cover items that the named individual on the policy owns (gifts are OK). Plans cannot be shared with friends or family members.

Adult and Student Plan accounts may have up to (1) phone on their account.  To add more phones, you must purchase additional Adult and/or Student Plans.

We offer a 5% discount if purchasing (2) or more plans! 

Just go here to register: REGISTER MULTIPLE PLANS

Read more here about registering for your family >>

If you need to protect multiple phones for you and your family members, AKKO can give you a discount when you register (2) or more plans!

Each Adult and Student Plan account may have up to (1) phone on them.  To add more phones, you must purchase additional Adult and/or Student Plans.

For a family of 4 for example, with 2 adults and 2 kids, you would register:

  • (2) separate AKKO Adult Plans
  • (2) separate AKKO Student Plans

Just go here to register: REGISTER MULTIPLE PLANS


All plans protect your phones against Accidental Damage & Theft!

Best of all, in addition to everyone’s phones being protected, all their other personal electronics and belongings are protected too at no extra cost!

There’s a reason customers switch to AKKO and call the decision and “no-brainer.”

Learn how to switch to AKKO here.

For customers registered Nov. 3, 2020 and after:
Your protection with an AKKO Plan begins 12:01AM the day after your account has been created as long as you have activated your account and completed set-up and your payment is current.

To have protection be effective for your items, photos of them should be uploaded to your account in accordance with all guidelines and instructions listed in your account.

Protection for incidents of accidental damage may not be eligible for reimbursement if they occur within the first 30 days from your registration date. But if all requested information and evidence is provided to our team, the waiting period may not apply.

Photos of phones and tablets should be uploaded using the phone’s own cameras (front and rear) to provide pictures of the front (screen) and back sides of the device by taking the photos in front of a mirror. A photo of the phone’s “About” page in settings should also be provided by using another device (do not provide a screenshot) and the serial # of the device should be visible.

Photos of laptops and computers should be taken by including a photo of the device with the screen powered on and also displaying the “about” page showing the specs and serial # of the computer.

For customers registered prior to Nov. 3, 2020:
Your coverage is backed by NSSI, you can reference all terms of their coverage here:

Your coverage begins 12:01AM the day after your account has been created and payment is made. It may take up to a week to receive policy documentation from NSSI after your information has been submitted to them.

There is a 30 day waiting period for claims of accidental damage. Your coverage for theft, vandalism, and all other perils begins as soon as your coverage does.


The age or place you purchased your items does not matter. As long as an item is eligible for coverage, regardless of its age or if you purchased it used from a store or individual, you can add it to your plan and have it covered through AKKO. See what items are eligible for coverage here.


For items you purchased used or through a 3rd party marketplace platform such as Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or OfferUp, request an email be sent to you by a seller stating the date you purchased an item, the amount paid, and what the item was. This can suffice as a purchase receipt should you be asked to provide one during a claim! You can follow this method including if you paid for items in cash and screenshot a payment you made via Venmo or another payment app or service like PayPal. Read more here about how purchase receipts are not required for coverage.

Get Covered Today!


Accidental Damage & Theft Protection
$ 15
  • Phone Protection plus way more!
  • Add 25 items to your account*
  • $99 Deductibles for any claim
  • $2,000 limit per claim*
  • Unlimited claims
  • Apple Store repairs covered*

About AKKO:

It’s Everyday Insurance.
We provide a protection plan to simplify covering all the items you use most and care about. From all your electronics including your phone and laptop, to photography and music equipment, bikes, skateboards, sports gear, clothes, shoes, and more!

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Use Discount Code: NOFEE at Checkout for FREE Activation!

Use Discount Code: NOFEE at Checkout
for FREE Activation!

To sign-up for Student Plans, you can be any type of student, from middle school to high school, including incoming college student, current college student, or recent graduate. Students at any 2yr, 4yr, or graduate school are all eligible as well. Any age.

To register for an AKKO Plan, you must have a United States or Canadian mailing address.

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